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The construction industry, known for its demanding nature and high-pressure work environments, is facing a mental health crisis that requires urgent action. Construction workers often endure physically demanding tasks, long working hours, and constant pressure to meet deadlines. Unfortunately, these factors contribute to increased stress levels, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges within the industry. Recognising the need to address this issue, organisations like Mates in Mind have emerged to raise awareness and promote positive mental wellbeing within the construction sector and related industries.


The Mental Health Crisis in Construction

The construction industry, while vital to society’s growth and development, presents unique challenges that impact the mental health of its workforce. While operatives carry out a physically demanding job, they often face poor welfare facilities, hazardous conditions, and extended periods away from home. Moreover, the industry is characterised by project-based work, job insecurity, and intense competition, which can lead to financial strain and job dissatisfaction.

The nature of construction work often fosters a culture that glorifies toughness and resilience while stigmatising vulnerability and seeking help. This prevailing culture often discourages workers from discussing their mental health concerns or seeking support when needed. As a result, mental health issues within the construction industry often go unnoticed and untreated, exacerbating the crisis.


What we do at Trustland

At Trustland Construction, we are dedicated to fostering a work environment that prioritises a healthy lifestyle and promotes positive mental well-being. In line with this mission, we have implemented various initiatives to support our employees’ mental health and well-being.

To encourage physical activity and fitness, we have constructed an on-site gymnasium at our head office. This facility provides employees with a convenient and accessible space to engage in exercise and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Recognising the importance of creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere, we have also created a display of employee ‘happy place’ photos. This display serves as a visual reminder of the things that bring joy and relaxation to our team members, fostering a sense of positivity and connection within our workplace.

Additionally, we have built an allotment in the outdoor space of our headquarters. This allotment not only offers an opportunity for employees to connect with nature but also allows them to engage in gardening and reap the benefits of spending time outdoors.

Acknowledging the importance of taking breaks away from desks, we actively encourage the use of our new canteen for lunch breaks. This space provides a welcoming environment for employees to socialise, relax, and recharge, promoting a healthier work-life balance.

To further support the mental and physical well-being of our employees, we have introduced the role of workplace wellness champions. These champions will serve as advocates for employee well-being and will be available to provide confidential support and guidance to anyone facing personal issues. Additionally, they will spearhead initiatives to embed positive changes within both our head office and external sites, promoting a culture of well-being and mental health support throughout our organisation.

At Trustland Construction, we believe that by creating a work environment that values and supports the well-being of our employees, we can contribute to their overall happiness, productivity, and success. Together, through these initiatives and the support of organisations like Mates in Mind, we are committed to building a construction industry that prioritises positive mental health and embraces a culture of well-being.


Who Are Mates in Mind?

Mates in Mind is a leading UK charity that recognises the urgent need to address the mental health crisis within the construction industry. The organisation focuses on raising awareness, combating the stigma surrounding poor mental health, and implementing programs that support positive mental wellbeing in the workplace. By partnering with construction companies and related industries, Mates in Mind aims to create mentally healthier workplaces for employees across the sector.

Mates in Mind operates across multiple industries, with a particular emphasis on construction, transport, logistics, manufacturing, and other related sectors. The charity offers various resources, training programs, and campaigns tailored to the unique needs of each industry. By collaborating with employers, unions, and workers, Mates in Mind strives to create a culture that prioritises mental health, offers support, and ultimately saves lives.

Mates in Mind provides a range of initiatives and programs that contribute to improving mental health within the construction industry. These include:

  1. Training and Education: Mates in Mind offers training courses and workshops designed to educate workers and management about mental health awareness, early intervention, and creating a supportive workplace culture. By providing the necessary tools and knowledge, they empower individuals to recognise signs of poor mental health and offer support to colleagues.
  2. Support and Guidance: The charity provides access to confidential helplines, counselling services, and online resources. These avenues offer assistance to individuals struggling with mental health challenges, ensuring they have a safe space to seek help and guidance.
  3. Workplace Wellbeing Programs: Mates in Mind assists companies in developing comprehensive mental health policies and programs tailored to their specific needs. These initiatives promote mental wellbeing and encourage open dialogue while reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.
  4. Awareness Campaigns: The charity actively promotes awareness campaigns to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health in the construction industry. By sharing stories, providing educational resources, and engaging in public discussions, Mates in Mind aims to change attitudes and create a supportive environment for all workers.


Supporting Mates in Mind

To combat the mental health crisis within the construction industry, it is crucial for organisations, individuals, and the wider community to rally together. By supporting Mates in Mind, we join a collective effort to raise awareness, address the stigma, and promote positive mental wellbeing within the construction sector and related industries.

As Mates in Mind leads the charge in developing initiatives, providing resources, and fostering a culture of mental health support, we encourage individuals and organisations to collaborate with them. By partnering with Mates in Mind, we actively contribute to creating a safer and healthier workplace environment for construction workers, ensuring their mental health is prioritised and protected.



The mental health crisis within the construction industry demands immediate attention and action. By acknowledging the unique challenges faced by construction workers and addressing the prevailing stigma surrounding mental health, we can work towards creating a more supportive and mentally healthy workplace environment. Mates in Mind, as a leading UK charity, plays a vital role in raising awareness, providing resources, and promoting positive mental wellbeing within the construction sector and beyond. We hope that our support of Mates in Mind, alongside our work with other charities that raise awareness of mental health problems, including Brave Mind and the Paul Lavelle Foundation, will bring about meaningful change and improve the lives of those working in the construction industry.



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