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We were honored to have a group of exceptional students from Poulton Lancelyn Primary School participating in the WWF ‘Takeover Challenge,’ visit our office! These young environmental champions left us truly impressed with their unwavering commitment to sustainability and their keen interest in our office practices.

During their visit, the students demonstrated remarkable enthusiasm and curiosity as they eagerly asked us thought-provoking questions about our company’s approach to sustainability. Their passion for environmental issues and their drive to make a positive impact on the planet were truly inspiring, and we were thrilled to share our insights and initiatives with them.

The eco-squad from Poulton Lancelyn Primary School is actively involved in the WWF ‘Takeover Challenge,’ a nationwide initiative that encourages young people to step into leadership roles and promote environmental awareness in their schools and communities. Through various activities and campaigns, the eco-squad works towards reducing carbon footprint, minimizing waste, and promoting eco-friendly practices among their peers.

As a construction company, we are deeply committed to sustainability, and engaging with these young environmental advocates further reinforces our resolve to prioritize environmentally responsible practices in our industry. We are proud to support the eco-squad’s mission and are grateful for the opportunity to learn from their insights and perspectives.

It was a true pleasure to have them visit our office, and we look forward to further collaboration in our shared pursuit of a more sustainable future.


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