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BASF Tank Plinths

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The Project

Our client for this project was Global Chemical Manufacturer BASF. We were engaged to construct a large, heavily reinforced plinth to carry the addition of a new tank at their Grimsby site. The proposed slab would be straddling two existing piled plinths inside an active bund, meaning safety and minimal disruption was paramount.

Challenges and Solutions

The project timescale was very tight, as the new tank had already been ordered before our arrival. This meant we couldn’t afford to deviate from our planning schedule and needed a short mobilisation period. Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that errors on the reinforcement schedule meant that we needed more bent steel. Thankfully we were able to utilise our local contacts to source steel from Lincoln which was couriered over straight away, ensuring we only lost one day on our scheduled programme. Being one day behind early on was only made more disconcerting when we then received late instruction to cast additional plinths for gantry supports. This meant that we had to re-evaluate our original planning schedule to assess if there were any further areas in which we could claw back some time. One area in which we saw hope, was in the lining; plinth lining is a weather dependent process and we couldn’t afford to be pushed back again by mother nature. Fortunately, we managed to get our trusty lining contractor to agree to work on the project intermittently with a project inside the plant so that the work on a whole was carried out as efficiently as possible.


At the end of the project, we successfully pulled back on lost time to achieve our goals and we even managed to complete ahead of schedule. We stayed within the confines of our original budget and are pleased to note that we had an excellent safety performance with zero incidents. The overall results were a credit to all involved and the client was so satisfied with the results achieved, that they recommended us for all future civil works.

“Very professional, outstanding performance, safety, and housekeeping impeccable, easy to deal with and quick and positive correspondence. They came to the site and were delayed through no fault of their own, but agreed to return a week later and managed to pull the program back on track. They coped very well with the many engineering changes and responded again with a positive approach. Although this was only a short contract their construction manager visited the site many times to check all was in order and to discuss any changes with us. Overall they were really easy and a pleasure to work with.

Engineer Recommendation


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