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Bio-Pharmaceutical Car Park Development

Full Project Management  .  Civil Engineering  .  Demolition

The Project

Project Value: £1.25 million.

Project Duration: 6-month

Project Timeline: October’22 – March’23

Trustland Construction, as the principal contractor, embarked on an extensive car park construction project for a multinational biopharmaceutical company. This comprehensive venture included diverse components, ranging from service diversions and new drainage systems, to the installation of an large bike shelter and EV charging points, reflecting a sustainable and highly functional approach to the neccessary infrastructure development.

The comprehensive scope of work encompassed:
– Excavation and demolition, including service diversions.
– Replacement of non-compliant kerbs and adjacent island modifications.
– Introduction of 6F5 and geogrid for sub-base reinforcement.
– Installation of Beany kerbs to define perimeters and islands.
– Inclusion of attenuation tanks and drainage systems.
– Integration of 22 EV charging points with associated infrastructure.
– Incorporation of architectural screening and soft landscaping.
– Establishment of street lighting with ducting, cabling, and foundations.
– Installation of bike shelter with retaining walls.
– Final surfacing and line painting.

Challenges & Solutions

Trustland navigated various challenges to ensure the successful realisation of the car park development. Firstly, undertaking the construction of the car park at a site that remained operational posed a unique challenge. Balancing the demands of construction with the uninterrupted operations of the site required meticulous planning and adaptability. Trustland strategically phased the project to minimise disruption, collaborating closely with the client to ensure seamless coexistence between construction activities and ongoing operations.
Creating a car park for 171 cars in an area close to sea level with a very high water table was always going to be a challenge. Design needed to attenuate and regulate water flow with a suds scheme allowing for a 40 year storm. We needed to import over 4000 tonne of stone to raise the levels sufficiently, having to organise the many deliveries that were arriving on the site was a coordination challenge.
In response to the high water table, we implemented a Geo cellular tank system, which effectively contained rainwater on-site, preventing rapid discharge into the local drain system. This system, while effective, posed a unique challenge related to buoyancy due to the high water table. To counter this, our design incorporated bunding measures, ensuring the car park could hold the required volume of water once the attenuation tanks were full.
Furthermore, the installation of a downstream hydrobrake facilitated controlled water flow into the local water course. Our design also featured strategically placed planting areas, serving as slow-release outfalls, allowing water to disperse gradually and further aiding in mitigating the flow impact on the local water course.
Additionally, the installation of 22 EV charging points marked a significant milestone, being the second major charging infrastructure implemented within the past year. These successful installations have paved the way for Trustland Construction to explore further opportunities for similar projects in various locations.


The team’s commitment to excellence culminated in the successful completion of the new car park. Through meticulous planning, technological innovation, and proactive problem-solving, Trustland has once again demonstrated its expertise in delivering infrastructure solutions that enhance operational efficiency and cater to the evolving needs of modern businesses.

“I have had the privilege of working closely with Trustland and their team on multiple projects over the past three years, and more recently on a staff car park with electric charging points and sustainable infrastructure. I have consistently been impressed with their exceptional skills, professionalism, and commitment to delivering outstanding results.

One of the standout qualities of Trustland is their dedication to quality and attention to detail. They consistently strive for excellence in every aspect of their work, ensuring that projects are completed to the highest standards. I have seen Trustland and their team go above and beyond to meet project objectives, even in challenging circumstances. They excel at fostering strong working relationships with clients, subcontractors, and team members. Their ability to effectively manage project timelines and budgets is a testament to their organizational skills and commitment to client satisfaction.

Furthermore, Trustland places a strong emphasis on safety in the workplace. They prioritize the well-being of their team members and client personnel adhering to industry best practices to ensure that all projects are executed with the utmost safety precautions.

I have no doubt that Trustland would be a valuable asset to any construction project, and I wholeheartedly recommend them for any future project.”


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