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Global Consumer Goods Company,

Close Control Rooms

Design & Build  .  Environmental Control

The Project

The purpose of this project was to provide a solution to packaging and paper damage caused by moisture and temperature irregularities during storage. As a solution, we endeavoured to create a temperature and humidity controlled packing laboratory and storage space.
To ensure complete control of the environment, the first step was to create new sealed room structures within an existing warehouse, with access hatches and ceilings capable of holding 150kg per m2. Once the rooms were built and tested, we brought in our trusted M&E partner who supplied and installed close control units with the capability of maintaining set conditions within the spaces created. 

Challenges and Solutions

There was only really two challenges to overcome with this project. Firstly, this project required us to operate across the hall from a working laboratory during business hours. This is something that we are very familiar with at Trustland Construction, so we made sure that we kept noise levels to a minimum where possible and provided safe access for employees to ensure we didn’t disrupt their operations.

Providing service access for future maintenance was a crucial element to this project, however, that meant we had to address the issue of working at height with an exposed edge. To do so, we installed a perimeter handrail with a spring-loaded access gate fixed to the roof deck of the close control rooms.


We successfully constructed a new space which can create and maintain the optimum environment required for premium storage, within the original budget and projected time scales. Our client was pleased with the handling and result of the works and has since awarded us further contracts on site. 

“We felt more than confident in taking on this work having completed data centre projects with similar requirements over the years. Using our past knowledge and experience in this area, we were able to foresee any potential issues in advance, resulting in the flawless execution of a functional new storage facility for our client.”

Jon Bagley

Managing Director, Trustland Construction

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