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Global Oil Company

New PMB Tank Farm

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The Project

We have been instructed by an international oil company to complete the demolition of an existing bitumen site and undergo all civil works to prepare for a new tank farm to go in its place. This project involved the cleaning and demolition of existing tanks and vessels and breaking out concrete before we could install 132 pre-cast concrete piles to a depth of 18m, divert drainage and form a 500m2 concrete slab and bund complete with 9 tank bases for new bitumen and polymer tanks. When this was complete, we then had to install new drainage, form roadways around the new bund and construct a new loading gantry.

Challenges and Solutions

The site is adjacent to the Manchester ship canal and the river Gowy that are both tidal waterways; meaning that the water table at high tide was only 200mm below finished floor level. To overcome this, we had to constantly remove water, form French drains around the site and work in a phased way to avoid leaving excavations open.

The existing drainage network is old and in poor condition meaning that drainage repairs had to be made as more problems were found. Working with the client and landlord, we extensively researched the drainage system as much as possible and carried out additional surveys where required. It turns out that the existing drainage system was outside of the client’s site and control, so we redesigned the onsite drainage to mitigate any potential problems with failure of the off-site system and outflow.

The surrounding site that we were working on was still fully operational. To reduce potential disruption and ensure strict safety procedures were in place, we created a separate CDM site with inductions, additional permits, daily liaison with plant operatives and daily gas monitoring.

The original design relied on the existing ground conditions having a good load-bearing capability. After the reduce level dig it was apparent that it didn’t have any. To overcome this we redesigned the substructure build, achieving excellent CBR values for the roadways. 

The biggest challenge that threatened our timeline was not, in fact the drainage or ground conditions, but rather the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, the government enforced lockdown resulted in a month of inactivity on site. After which, we delayed the project to initiate new safety procedures, with additional welfare facilities, cleaning regimes and Covid specific risk assessments.


Despite the Covid-19 pandemic delays, we still managed to complete this project within the clients desired time frame and budget, much to our clients’ relief. 

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