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Halewood International Distillery & Distributor

New Tank Farm & HGV Ramp

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Key Statistics


HGV ramp key statistics:

  • 55m of Kerbing
  • 55m of Armco Barriers
  • 25m3 of steel-reinforced concrete 
  • 100 tonnes of subbase
  • 250m2 of reinforcing mesh


Tank farm key statistics:

  • 450m3 of steel-reinforced concrete
  • 130m of surface mounted channel drains
  • 150m of underground drainage
  • 2100m2 of reinforcing mesh
  • 300m3 of waste away
  • 100m2 of tarmac

The Project

Our special projects team have completed two civil engineering projects at the international distillery and distributor Halewood. Phase 1 required us to create a 5m wide and 25m long new ramp raised to 1m to give access to HGV’s on-site with associated drainage. The second project was a part of Halewood’s tank farm relocation. Works involved the demolition of a larger second car park for the installation of the necessary concrete works for a new 700m2 tank farm.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the biggest challenges for this project was the tight timescales required due to the sale of our client’s previous facility, which was sold with vacant possession. To ensure we met the deadline, we worked closely with our supply chain, meticulously planning each stage around our client’s target dates. This also required the acceleration of the work to include a 7-day working week for our team.

The second issue we had was that the work area was still being used as parking for our client’s staff. They relocated their smoking shelters next to the work area and at times due to the reduced space, we would arrive to find vehicles parked inside our work area. To work around this, we had to accurately coordinate deliveries and vehicle movements to avoid traffic and pedestrians. This was a constant issue during the build which was managed closely.

The project initially started in January 2021 and the weather was poor, coupled with the clay subsoils, this meant we had to deal with muddy waterlogged conditions throughout the initial stages of the project. We also had to change the dates of certain activities due to the weather resulting in increased programme pressures. Once again, we used our many years of experience in the industry to ensure we minimised the impact of the bad weather and thankfully we gave ourselves enough contingency time to counteract these changes.

Satisfying all stakeholders in a complex project is difficult. All feel that they have a right to reply and a voice to be heard. We undertook a stakeholder analysis early on and identified key stakeholder groups. We put more effort into managing these groups for a favourable outcome.


The costing of the project was very accurate and was completed within budget. Since we implemented a 7-day working week on this site, the project was also completed on time. The client commented post completion that none of their employees believed it possible to finish when we did so it was a testament to the professionalism of all involved.

“Trustland has been a critical partner to us on the redevelopment of our facility at Chorley. The recent civil engineering projects were of significant importance to Halewood International and our employees. Trustland have contributed to the company’s strategic aims and objectives and provided the platform for us to increase production at the facility.

Trustland are dedicated, professional, thorough, accommodating, responsive, hardworking, committed to excellence and nice! I always breathe a sigh of relief when I know I will be working with Trustland because I know that they will act as an ambassador for my interests and never let me down.”

Bryan Bremner

Halewood International, Projects Manager

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