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Halewood International Distillery & Distributor

Bulk Storage Preparation

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The Project

The client for this project is an international distillery and distributor, who required extra capacity to store bulk liquids. They identified a wooded waste area at the rear of the site for two additional storage tanks. At first, we had to relocate the existing barrel and remove the fence line to expose the wooded area for clearing. The new slab area (10m x 5m) was then excavated and prepared for reinforced concrete. Ready-mixed concrete was poured into the formwork to create a new slab and once the concrete had cured sufficiently, we removed the formwork and placed new clean stone chippings around the perimeter of the slab.

Challenges and Solutions

This site is over 2 hours away from our offices which initially caused concern over our supply chain and trusted contractors. Thankfully, we were able to source local labour where possible and still utilise our specialist contractors who travelled for the work. All stages were planned for well in advance to ensure all went smoothly.

The wasteland used was full of trees that needed removing before works could begin. We quickly enlisted a local tree surgeon to fell the existing trees and remove the stumps from the ground.

When full the tanks weighed over 70 tonnes. To ensure that the slab installed was capable of taking the weight, we had the slab designed back at HQ by our in-house design specialists.


The project was completed on time and within budget. The client was so pleased with our approach, that they awarded us additional work that ran concurrently. The additional work finished with a small amount of surplus slate. This slate was then utilised as a decorative feature around the finished slabs, leaving the client delighted with the outcome.

“To undertake a project so far away from home. Without incident or problem is a testament to the excellent relationships Trustland have with their supply chain.”

Paul Martin

Trustland Construction, Special Projects Manager

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