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Kimberley Clark

Paper Mill

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The Project

With 42,000 employees world wide, Kimberley Clark manufacture some of the world’s best-known brands including Huggies and Kleenex. This Design and Build contract required us to refurbish the client’s welfare facilities over two floors of their Flint site production mills.

Temporary changing, showering, toilet, and locker facilities were installed for all of the plant’s 5 shift teams, with work commencing in August 2018. On the first floor, we stripped out the existing commercial kitchen, server and mess room, to later install new ceilings, flooring, services, and kitchen/dispense facilities. On the ground floor, we formed a new opening, completely refurbished the toilets, showers and locker rooms and installed a new lift.

Challenges and Solutions

Throughout the duration of this project, we were required to work in an occupied building where existing facilities were still active and therefore temporary facilities had to be installed as a priority. To avoid any unnecessary disruption, we had to use extensive hoarding, work outside of normal hours and reuse existing below ground drains, rather than digging up the floors. This process meant we needed to raise the levels of the existing floors using screeds and epoxy resins, to allow for the installation of channel drains in the showers.
A lack of both disabled access to the first floor and a goods lift for the kitchen, resulted in the need to construct a block work lift shaft to the underside of the first floor, to act as both temporary and permanent works, avoiding steel erection. We then cut out the first-floor slab and installed a self-contained platform lift.
In addition to these challenges, the client personnel changed throughout the design process, resulting in new ideas and changes to the original plan. We worked closely with the new personnel, re-produced a number of mood boards and supplied many samples to receive final sign off on the new designs.


We successfully completed the project within budget and without any accidents or surplus materials left over. We finished a week over the original schedule, due only to additional works being completed. Overall our client was very pleased with both the lack of disruption throughout the works and the resulting finished product.

“This has been our first design and build refurbishment venture on the Kimberley Clark site with our TKR partners. Previously we’ve carried out projects centered around civil engineering and works in the plant areas, so it was great to get involved in a new fit-out project with them.”

Jon Bagley

Managing Director, Trustland Construction

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