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Our Sustainability Focused Head Office

Sustainable Building  .  Design & Build  .  Refurbishment & Fit-Out

Top Highlights:

    1. Wall art with photos of our employees ‘happy places’ for daily inspiration

    2. Personalized staff water bottles & plumbed in water stations to reduce plastic waste

    3. A state-of-the-art gym and shower facilities for energising and re-charging

    4. Modern canteen & rec room for mandatory relaxation breaks

    5. Patio, allotment, wildflower meadow & bug hotel for both staff and wildlife pleasure

    6. Free to use electric vehicle charging ports for all staff and visitors

    7. Installed solar to reduce reliance on grid power by up to 75%

    8. Point of use boiling water in all tea making areas, saving both time and energy

    9. Motion detected high efficiency LED lighting to prevent unnecessary energy usage

    10. Intelligent Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning system throughout incorporating high efficiency heat recovery in all main office, welfare and meeting areas

    The Project

    At Trustland Construction, we have strived for many years to improve our environmental performance with initiatives around purchasing policies, waste management and the start of electrifying our fleet. Having purchased an ‘investment’ property in early 2021, we realised that we had a perfect opportunity to refurbish the investment property as our new Head Office and in its design to make a statement about how serious we are about sustainability. Design started in November 2021 and we moved in October 2022, with our old office becoming the tenanted investment property.

    The building has a footprint of 500m2 split between 2 floors of 300m2 each of office accommodation and the remainder being warehousing. The three key drivers in our design were developing a sustainable and environmentally friendly building, staff welfare and local community involvement.


    We looked at the big ticket items first – power usage, reducing our reliance on gas for heating and water and introducing renewable energy where possible. After exploring ground and air source solutions and finding them unsuitable, we moved all office accommodation to the first floor where we had large ceiling voids to accommodate Lossnay Heat Recovery ventilation units along with a VRF ducted climate control system to heat, cool and provide fresh air to all office spaces in an energy efficient way. The ground floor incorporates staff mess and welfare areas, a conference room and a training room. These rooms are all heated and cooled by the VRF system but as we couldn’t fit Lossnay’s in the void, we have installed Ventaxia HR500X heat recovery ventilation units in these areas. The whole system will be powered by a 20kW 3 phase PV array being installed on the roof. This can produce 17500 kW of energy per annum that should provide 75% of the building’s total power requirements throughout the year. The system is expandable so the evidence gained over the next 12 months will inform our decision of whether we should install additional panels and get closer to all power being generated from renewable sources.


    Additional measures that we introduced include: 

    • Four electric vehicle charging points and cycle storage alongside introducing salary sacrifice schemes open to all employees to purchase electric vehicles and bicycles.
    • Point of use electric water heating for all areas other than toilets.
    • High efficiency LED lights with motion sensors throughout.
    • Sensors on urinals and taps to reduce water consumption.
    • Carbon neutral hand driers in all bathrooms.
    • Plumbed in water coolers in all areas and provision of reusable water bottles to all staff that will reduce plastic usage by more than 100 18l water bottles and thousands of plastic cups and bottles every year.
    • A strict purchasing policy relating to energy rating of new equipment.

    Staff Welfare

    In addition to providing a comfortable work environment for our team we wanted to encourage practices that would improve our team’s mental and physical wellbeing. Our canteen area is four times bigger than our previous head office canteen with a patio area outside so that all staff can take their breaks in a pleasant, comfortable environment. We no longer allow eating in the work spaces so that everyone will take a break away from their desk. We have incorporated a fully equipped gym into the building and high quality shower and change facilities so all staff can utilise the facility before and after work or during their lunch break. Our ‘Happy Place Wall’ (pictured above) in the main open plan area displays photographs provided by our people that bring back happy memories and put smiles on faces. We are also shifting away from having Mental Health First Aiders to appointing Welfare Champions. The Welfare Champion, in addition to being MHFA trained will encourage initiatives around staff welfare and encourage community involvement.

    Local Community

    We focussed on two main areas relating to community, the build itself and making a lasting impact. We are a proud Wirral business and our HQ has been based here for all of our 50 years. When we can, we use other Wirral based businesses in our supply chain. Incredibly, throughout the development of our new head office we have sourced Structural engineering services, M&E design, HVAC installation, Office furniture supply, canteen and kitchen supply, glazed partitions, gym equipment, building and exterior clean from suppliers/contractors based in Bromborough within a short walk of our office and all of our suppliers on the project are based on the Wirral, Liverpool and Chester. In addition, much of the work was carried out by our own fully employed workforce.
    We made a long-term commitment to a local primary school some years ago to regularly assist them in projects of their choosing that generally arise out of necessity and lack of funding. With our new head office we have been able to incorporate a feature that the children will be able to enjoy for many years to come. At the rear of the building we have cleared an area and built a vegetable patch, a space for a bug hotel and an area where wild flowers will be sown in the Spring. We are installing compost bins and collecting the rain water from the roof to water the plants. The school that we support is in a particularly deprived area of the Wirral, with a higher than national average number of children with SEN’s and many children who do not have English as a first language. The school has no green spaces on site and most of the children have no more than a ‘back yard’ at home. We will be funding children from the school to come to our HQ to plant out the veg patch, explore the bug hotel and ultimately take home what they grow. The teachers are also planning on using the produce in school making soups and salads with the children and using the experience to engage the children in topics around sustainable farming.



    The key to the success of this project is where it takes us next. We believe that our people will reap the benefits of our changed ways of working for years to come and we are excited about what our Welfare Champions will bring. We have started working with a Sustainability/CSR rating organisation so we can quantify what we are doing and by the end of the year will be able to start publishing data on our performance. Our work with the local community has shifted from purely fundraising and funding projects that were a necessity to the cause, to being able to become part of the education process. This is not to say that we will ever stop fundraising for local causes but helping in the process of educating local children will build relationships with the community now that will help us and our industry in the future. We can keep in touch with those children through primary and onto secondary education when they will have the opportunity to do work experience with us. These young people will then be the perfect candidates to enter our trade and graduate apprentice schemes, that will be better placed to thrive as we grow and move into the future.

    Builders spend their lives building for other people, constrained by our clients. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you take away those constraints!.”

    Jon Bagley

    Trustland Construction, Managing Director

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