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It would be pretty accurate to call 2020 a bizarre year. We had site closures, staff furlough, working from home and adaptations to create a new, safer way of working. Despite the turbulence that COVID-19 caused, we are glad to say that we were also able to develop areas of our business to adapt and move forwards. With this in mind, we would like to introduce to you, our new project manager degree apprentice, Max Ferris and our new QSHE Manager Donna Everitt!


Max Ferris

Our new project manager Max started with us on 23rd of November. Unfortunately, he was struck ill with COVID-19 in his first few weeks. Thankfully, his symptoms didn’t require hospitalisation and he made a full recovery, returning to the office on the 7th of December.

Before starting his degree apprenticeship in project management with us, Max graduated with a Biology degree, but his heart was on building sites. He has spent over three years working hands-on in the domestic construction sector. He enjoyed his time in the role but has since discovered that he would like to put down his tools and learn more about strategic management.  Between learning the theories at University and gaining practical hands-on experience with us, this new role allows him to pursue his passion for construction and develop new skills.

When Max isn’t in the office or studying hard for his new course, he usually enjoys playing golf with friends, watching Liverpool FC play, hiking with his girlfriend and tinkering with the classic MGB GT car left to him by his grandad.

We can’t wait to get to know him better and see his position develop as he grows within the team.

Donna Everitt

In the past few months, our QSHE Manager Paul Martin has taken on a new focus. Tasked with developing a new ‘special projects’ department to ensure we could continue to provide a dedicated and committed support service to smaller projects (<£100,000). It was not long before the workload of both Special Projects Manager and QSHE Manager became somewhat stretched. As we wondered how to fill the gap Donna was working as QSHE Director for a European demolition company whose UK business was struggling due to the pandemic. We already knew Donna well, as she previously worked as H&S Manager at one of our client’s sites. After an overdue catch-up, we saw an obvious opportunity and invited her to become an official part of the Trustland Construction family. Thankfully, Donna accepted our offer and officially started with us on the 30th of November. So far, she has spent her time at our HQ office getting to grips with our accreditations and processes, but she will hopefully be heading out to do some more site visits when COVID restrictions allow.

If having first-hand knowledge of our client’s site and already knowing the team wasn’t enough, Donna also has a very impressive background within the QSHE field. Her experience has been formed within nuclear, security and controls systems and the demolition sector and covers both the UK and Europe.

Outside of work, Donna is a motor enthusiast very much into motorcycles and a big follower of Rugby Union, favouring Wales in international matches (who doesn’t love a bit of office rivalry?) Living on the Welsh north coast, she is also lucky to have stunning coastlines and mountains around her and likes to take long walks with the dog at every opportunity.

We do not doubt that she will thrive at Trustland and bring great value to our clients in similar high-risk businesses.

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